Nokbe YM Gateway, push YM message from anywhere to mobiles   Nokbe gTalk Gateway, push message to mobiles with gTalk protocols   Nokbe SMS Gateway, communicate to Mobiles with SMS Message

Nokbe provide a SMS Gateway, YM Gateway, and GTalk Gateway for you to send messages and establish single or two way communication with the mobile device easily.

Almost everyone has a cell phone or notebook/netbook/tablet today, with always-on connection to the fast telephone network.
And will be a tremendous added value if we could create applications that could communicate with this mobile device.

We could for example:
- send notification about internet connection failure to LAN Admin
- send notification about new order data to supplier's administrator
- send exchange rates and products price changes to our mobile salesman
- instruct the PC to restart some services from our mobile phones
- instruct our server to made a ping test to another server from our YM Messenger remotely
- etc.

Explore your imagination about pushing any message to mobile, and let Nokbe help you to make it happen :)

Binary version of Nokbe Gateway, Documentation, and Tutorials will be available soon for free!

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